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New Trends, Developments, and Standards

The International Sommelier Guild brings together the resources of the top educators, industry leaders, premier restaurateurs, wine merchants, wineries and writers. We are a community that learns from each other and strives to pool the knowledge of the best minds to keep you on top of new trends, research, developments and standards.

We invite you to explore the various sections of the website and experience the passion, depth, and attention to detail that the Guild brings to the Sommelier discipline.

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FL students within the state of FL may only attend WFCL1, WFCL2 and the SDP as per our licensure with the FL Board of Education
Wine Fundamentals 1
ISG Chinese Applications
Wine Fundamentals 1
Wine Fundamentals 2
Sommelier Diploma Program
2012 May Sommelier Newsletter
Roger Morris surveys the beautiful hills and lovely wines of Bordeaux' Fronsac region; Katie Kelly Bell goes underground with Michael Thomas to talk about Wrath and the pleasures of unearthing buried things; and David Wilkening brings us all the interesting news from the wine world.