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Advanced Wine Certificate (AWC)
Online Learning: $1,000.00
Live on Line (Classroom Environment): $1,350.00
Classroom: $1,450.00
(Tuition includes all examinations)

Advanced Wine Certificate – an advanced course designed to build on your knowledge from the ISG IWC. Based on regional approach. A broad spectrum of knowledge and understanding of wine, spirits and ales including: viticulture, vinification, regional appellation laws and more.

What you learn?

Extensive and deep knowledge of old and new world wine regions as well as sparkling, fortified wines, spirits and ales.

This course prepares you for your start as a professional in the wine business and industry.

Further develop your blind tasting skills.

Develop your service skills, food and wine pairing techniques, and proper storage and wine management practices.

Structured and clear learning materials designed and build by our board of education. The ISG is the only Sommelier educational body that has its own learning materials, published books and standardized curriculum!

You will be introduced to the most important wines and grapes from all around the world.
You will be introduced to most major and minor wine regions in the world, big countries and small.

This course advances your understanding of wine and wine making and prepares you for the Sommelier accreditation.

Course structure and requirements:

IWC is a mandatory entrance requirement into AWC. Successful completion of AWC requires a minimum of 60% in each of the three examinations. SDP entrance requirements are 70% in each of the three AWC examinations.

16 sessions totaling 48 clock hours in total, (you will need a minimum of 5 to 1-hour ratio of additional home studying to be successful) whether online or in class delivery.

All sessions have a structural set-up and consist of: Lecture, Tasting, Review and Quiz.

Exam (session 16) 5 hour, 2 theory and 1 practical exams. For more information please click here

Our grading method is standardized and consistent for every student regardless of country or language of delivery and with full transparency.

Note: You will get ALL LEARNING MATERIALS, standardized and structured, as the ISG is the only Sommelier educational body that has its own learning materials, published books and standardized curriculum!

AWC examinations may be challenging, please read our policies for further important information.

Course topics overview (Syllabus) - click here.

For more detailed information as well as examination breakdowns, email us directly at

Several delivery options available

Classroom, Online or Live Online

Online Learning

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Online Learning

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Classroom training from your home

Live Online Learning

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