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Sommelier Diploma Program (SDP)

Sommelier Diploma Program (SDP)

Sommelier Diploma Program (SDP)
SDP - Online Learning:
$5,000.00 tuition (including four theory and one practical exam sections) + $1,000.00 (for both practical exams in person).
Total: $6,000.00
SDP - Live on Line
$6,500.00 (including four theory and one practical exam sections) + $1,000.00 (for practical exam in person)
Total: $7,750.00
SDP – Classroom
$8,000.00 all-inclusive of materials and all examinations (including all four theory exam sections and three practical exams).
Total: $8,000.00
Interest-free monthly payments are available upon request.

This highly professional hospitality certification is designed for future industry professionals requiring to attain the extensive and delicate subjects required in order to function at the highest levels of the industry. The SDP is the most comprehensive sommelier education program that will provide all of the vocational competencies for the ever-changing industry and allowing you to become a leader.

The SDP course is 30 weeks, totaling 308 hours. Online learning does not have any time limitations, thus allowing students to progress at their own pace. With the online format, four different educators are available for further tutoring and guidance for students at all times.

As the only sommelier education institution that develops its complete standardized educational materials in over ten languages, including our own textbooks, students can proceed in this academic path. The SDP is not only the best tool for the trade, but it is also a critical tool for those sommeliers that eventually will want to enter the ISGM system.

You will learn wine and spirits to go with beverage management for the hospitality industry to ensure that as a graduate, you are adept at knowledge, understanding, and capabilities

What you learn?

Industry experts lead all our lectures. Beginning with the intricacy of the sommelier profession and continuing on the understanding of full beverage management, including all foodstuffs EU regulations and global cuisine understandings.

As the ISG is the only sommelier institution to write and create its own materials continually, this course comes with a complete and unique textbook written and developed by our educational professionals.

Our unique sommelier textbook was written and published by the ISG for the strict training of sommeliers with no equals since the far-reaching 1817 Le Manuel du Sommelier, written by the famous Mr. Julien. For more information about our book, please click here

Course structure and requirements:

The program is an intensive 30 session course

All sessions have a structural set-up and consist of Lecture, Tasting, Review, and Examinations (online or in-class delivery). The course is 308 hours in totality. Successful completion of the SDP with a minimum of 70% in all examinations is required for admittance into the ISGM program. Online students have five individual sommelier instructors to address each component and develop their knowledge to ensure success.

Note: You will get ALL LEARNING MATERIALS, standardized and structured, as the ISG is the only sommelier educational institution that develops its own learning materials, published textbooks, and standardized curriculum regardless of geography or language taught in!

The examination is composed of a seven-part theory exam and a two-part practical exam.

Our grading method is standardized and consistent for every student regardless of country or language of delivery and with full transparency.

Examinations are 4 weeks upon conclusion of the course. For more information please click here

Please remember that in order to complete your SDP Sommelier successfully, you must attain no less than 70% in each of the examinations.

Course topics overview (Syllabus) - click here.

For more detailed information as well as examination breakdowns, email us directly at

Several delivery options available

Classroom, Online or Live Online

Online Learning

Learn at your own pace

Online Learning

Live Online Learning

Classroom training from your home

Live Online Learning

Classroom Training

Learning in a group atmosphere

Classroom Training


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