Gérard Basset Foundation Scholarship

The Gérard Basset Foundation

The Gérard Basset Foundation was set up in honor of Gérard Basset (OBE, MW, MBA OIV MSc, ASI Champion and MS), one of the most incredible wine professionals the world has seen as well as for generations to come. His outstanding academic achievements and business success as the Hotel Du Vin Group founder are second to none. Under the Hotel Du Vin Group, he taught and mentored many young sommeliers to go out to the world and build their own success.

The Gérard Basset Foundation makes its purpose to help create education and success opportunities for young wine and hospitality professionals while spotlighting diversity, inclusion, and equality.

The Gérard Basset Foundation receives its fundraising during the annual Golden Vines Awards which can be seen here on our website and the Golden Vine Awards The Foundation's website homepage, is where one can get further information on donations and its critical annual wine auction that raises its revenue for funding allocations.

The Scholarship

The Gérard Basset Foundation has made its’ goal to help fund wine and hospitality education for those who might need it and sometimes begin with an unfortunate disadvantage.

The scholarships are offered to students of Black, Ethnic, Indigenous minorities, and ethnicities; students who might suffer sexual discrimination in their country/region, students with disability, and students with lower socio-economic backgrounds.

The ISG is partnering with Gérard Basset Foundation

Our organization strives to provide the best professional wine, hospitality, and enology education with honesty, fairness, and equality.

Since the ISG was founded in 1982, we have expanded into five continents and 12 languages. In each of our locations, we teach in its native language as part of our goal to make wine and hospitality professionalism at its best and accessible to everyone and everywhere. Our structured, standardized courses, materials, and examinations give an equal chance to succeed to any person of any background. In all our debates on providing wine and hospitality education, we have believed and practiced fair, equal, and honest opportunity for everyone, no matter who you are. As such, we are proud to partner with the Gérard Basset Foundation as our ideologies are aligned perfectly.

Who is eligible

The Gérard Basset scholarship is dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and equality. Scholarships can be offered to:

  • Students of Black, Ethnic, Indigenous minorities, and all other ethnicities
  • Students who might suffer sexual discrimination in their country/region
  • Students with physical disabilities
  • Students with lower socio-economic backgrounds
Each applicant will have to submit proper documentation to establish eligibility. Make sure that pictures and writing are clear and easy to read. Mandatory required documentation is as follows:
  • Passport picture, OR
  • Government identification, OR
  • Driver’s license AND
  • A short letter explaining your background, resume, why you are eligible, and goals for education—no more than 250 words.
Students may apply for any level courses however they must be in chronological order. Education starting from the introductory course and up to ISGM degree are IWC, IWC + AWC, IWC + AWC + Diploma, IWC + AWC + Diploma + ICGM Degree. The ISG will select and approve limited applicants according to the Foundations’ guidelines and allocations and as our education executives see fit.

Upon successfully completing the studies and receiving the respective certificate/diploma and pins, the scholars will have to submit their photo (selfie) with the certificate/diploma and pins within 30 days directly to the ISG.

Furthermore, students agree to allow any potential marketing to promote the foundation and the ISG to use their pictures.

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