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The International Sommelier Guild is the most comprehensive sommelier, oenology, wine business & management education. Building from all sciences through their inter-related connections, you will learn 6 different sciences through their interconnections, providing you with solid foundations in the sommelier, winemaking, wine business education, culinary and nutritional degrees. You will become proficient in a broad spectrum of subjects beyond the sommelier profession. You will possess deep knowledge and understanding of the industry from a broad spectrum of perspectives by the time you arrive at the degree level.

The ISG is the world’s pre-eminent education that had its roots in the hospitality industry and eventually through its growth into the other professions, provides current and future professionals in the new millennial with multi employment opportunities. A team of outstanding dynamic instructors, a standardized curriculum, step by step multilayered programs with full transparencies will allow you to delve as you desire.

Our courses are built step by step (like a Russia doll):

1st step – Intermediate Wine Certificate (IWC)

2nd step – Advanced Wine Certificate (AWC)

3rd step – ISGM Sommelier (ISGM Sommelier)

4th step – ISGM Sommelier Degree (ISGM Sommelier Degree)

Established in 1982 it has grown from its North American roots to become a truly global provider of Sommelier and Oenology education. Our affiliations with governments, constantly expanding list of host schools, universities, and distributors includes locations throughout America, Canada, as well as Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

With over 40 years of experience you will be learning from the best.

Intermediate Wine Certificate (IWC)
Online: $500.00
Live on Line (Classroom Environment): $750.00
Classroom: $850.00
(Tuition includes all examinations)

Whether building on an existing career in hospitality or enhancing your enjoyment of wines; the ISG IWC curriculum will build an extensive foundation to the world of wine, food, service and management.

What you learn?

A broad foundational course designed for those interested in beginning a serious hospitality career or for those wanting to enjoy the subject.

Understanding of the most prevalent grapes used in the wine industry, based on a varietal approach.

You will study the correct and methodical approach to wine evaluation.

Acquire knowledge and experience of correct professional sensory evaluation.

Address Fortified and sparkling wine.

Learn correct wine terminology, understand label information, appellation concepts, service techniques as well as food and wine pairing theories.

Gain an appreciation for all types of wines and feel comfortable and confident when selecting and buying wine.

Structured and clear learning materials designed and build by our board of education. The ISG is the only Sommelier educational body that has its own learning materials, published books and standardized sommelier courses!

Course structure and requirements.

8 sessions totaling 24 clock hours in total, (you will need a minimum of 3 to 1-hour ratio of additional home studying to be successful) whether online or in class delivery. All sessions have a structural set-up and consist of: Lecture, Tasting, Review and Quiz to gain reinforcements of materials.

Course topics overview (Syllabus)

Advanced Wine Certificate (AWC)
Online Learning: $1,000.00
Live on Line (Classroom Environment): $1,350.00
Classroom: $1,450.00
(Tuition includes all examinations)

Advanced Wine Certificate – an advanced course designed to build on your knowledge from the ISG IWC. Based on regional approach. A broad spectrum of knowledge and understanding of wine, spirits and ales including: viticulture, vinification, regional appellation laws and more.

What you learn?

Extensive and deep knowledge of old and new world wine regions as well as sparkling, fortified wines, spirits and ales.

This course prepares you for your start as a professional in the wine business and industry.

Further develop your blind tasting skills.

Develop your service skills, food and wine pairing techniques, and proper storage and wine management practices.

Structured and clear learning materials designed and build by our board of education. The ISG is the only Sommelier educational body that has its own learning materials, published books and standardized curriculum!

You will be introduced to the most important wines and grapes from all around the world.
You will be introduced to most major and minor wine regions in the world, big countries and small.

This course advances your understanding of wine and wine making and prepares you for the Sommelier accreditation.

Course structure and requirements:

IWC is a mandatory entrance requirement into AWC. Successful completion of AWC requires a minimum of 60% in each of the three examinations. ISGM entrance requirements are 70% in each of the three AWC examinations.

16 sessions totaling 48 clock hours in total, (you will need a minimum of 5 to 1-hour ratio of additional home studying to be successful) whether online or in class delivery.

All sessions have a structural set-up and consist of: Lecture, Tasting, Review and Quiz.

Exam (session 16) 5 hour, 2 theory and 1 practical exams. For more information please click here

Note: You will get ALL LEARNING MATERIALS, standardized and structured, as the ISG is the only Sommelier educational body that has its own learning materials, published books and standardized curriculum!

AWC examinations may be challenging, please read our policies for further important information.

Course topics overview (Syllabus) - click here.

For a more detailed information, IWC students can email directly to

ISGM Sommelier and ISGM Sommelier Degree
ISGM Sommelier Online Learning: $6,000.00 tuition (including all three theory exams and one practical exam) + $1,000.00 (for 2 practical exams in person).
ISGM Sommelier Degree Online Learning: $1,000.00 for dissertation, only available for ISGM Sommelier graduates.
ISGM Sommelier Live on Line $6,000.00 (including all three theory exams and one practical exam) + $1,000.00 (for 2 practical exams in person) + $1,000.00 (optional live classes additions)
ISGM Sommelier Classroom: $9,000.00 all inclusive of materials and all examinations (3 theory and three practical).
ISGM Sommelier Degree Classroom: $1,000.00 for dissertation, only available for ISGM Sommelier graduates

In today’s economic turbulence and ever changing interconnecting multinationals, the hospitality industry requires professionals that will have multi talents. Either for a particular employer or have multiple different options available and be equipped with broad talent spectrums to make your own success

The 90 weeks intensive week ISGM Sommelier plus the addition of the ISGM Sommelier Degree in multiple disciplines provide a more rounded program than most University courses combining a full sommelier degree embraced with a full oenology program, wine management economics, culinary and nutritional full support.

The program provides graduates with the utmost of professional tools and vocational competencies in order to climb up in the industry and become an industry leader.

The ISG is the only institution to have directly and uniquely developed curriculum and extensive course books published for its courses. This will enable you to become a highly professional Sommelier with capabilities and knowledge in oenology, wine business management, and lastly the culinary & nutrition aspects should you desire to evolve in a different direction.

We teach not only wine and spirits for the hospitality industry, but also within the wine business, industry tendencies of the 21st century’s ever-changing world, marketing and new-media as well as the oenology degree to ensure that our graduates are adept at their knowledge and understanding to help them to become successful.

For more information on our special developed curriculum please contact us directly as the degree requires a lot of thought and understanding of what a student is committing too.

What you learn?

Industry experts lead all of our lectures. Beginning with the complexity in the hospitality components of Sommelier including, but not limited to cellaring, investment strategy, menu design, and regional analysis of wines, distillates, and other fermentable such as beer, sake, bijou and so on. Full understanding of all aspects of beverage management from starting a food operation perspective all the way to operations, inventory, staff training, menu designs, all cuisines from all countries on a micro level and with the EU specifically all PDO cheese, meat, fowl, fish, grains and vegetables. This is a complete education aimed at creating both, a fully functional sommelier for a 3 star Michelin restaurant.

The program then continues on to a full oenology, business management, culinary arts and nutrition degrees thus bringing full circle all interconnected industries.

As the ISG is the only Sommelier educational body that has developed and standardized its own learning materials, you will get: a unique sommelier book that was written and published by us for the strict training of sommeliers which has not been attempted since 1822 on such a level. For more information about our unique book, please Click here

Course structure and requirements:

The program is an intensive 30 session course

All sessions have a structural set-up and consists of: Lecture, Tasting, Review and Quiz (online or in class delivery. The course is 1,110 clock hours in total. You will need a 10 to 1 ratio of additional self-study hours to complete the course successfully. Successful completion of AWC is required for admittance into the ISGM Sommelier. Online students have 6 individual sommelier instructors to address each component and develop their knowledge to ensure success.

Note: You will get ALL LEARNING MATERIALS, standardized and structured, as the ISG is the only Sommelier educational body that HAS its own learning materials, published books and standardized curriculum regardless of geography or language taught in!

Examination is composed of 6 different components.

Only ISGM Sommelier graduates are eligible to enter the ISGM Sommelier Degree

The ISGM Sommelier Degree requires to submit a 10,000 word dissertation for peer review evaluation within 6 months. Students will be guided by an educational mentor in the development of the dissertation.

Our grading method is standardized and consistent for each and every student regardless of country or language of delivery and with full transparency.

Please remember that in order to successfully complete your ISGM Sommelier you must attain no less than 75% in each of your six components.

In order to attain your ISGM Sommelier Degree you must have successfully passed the ISGM Sommelier before applying and writing your dissertation for peer reviewed approval. Dissertations are graded as either Pass with Distinction, Pass or Failure. Students attaining a failure grade, may resubmit their dissertations within 6 months at no additional tuition costs. For more important information about the examinations, click here

Course topics overview (Syllabus) - click here.


If you would like a general overview of the course structure and syllabus it has been provided here. For an extensive detailed breakdown of the syllabus, AWC students can email directly to

Teacher Education Program (TEP)


The Teacher Education Program has been developed due to a fundamental need to establish minimum competencies for ISG instructors.

The dynamic and ever changing world of adult education presents a unique set of challenges even for the most experienced professional. The program is aimed at addressing the needs and supplying the tools to future and current instructors so that the quality of delivery at all levels of ISG courses is at the forefront of education. Another objective is that it should be absolutely consistent regardless of language or country of educational delivery.

Objectives of the Program

Establish minimum competencies, standards and guidelines for ISG instructors in the following areas:

  • Overall expectations of ISG instructors and ISG administration
  • Site preparations
  • Preparing to teach
  • Gathering information
  • Examination requirements and review
  • Class presentations and workshops
Delivery of the Program

The Teacher Education Program is delivered as a three (3) day seminar offered once per year in August in one select city or may be done so also on an individual basis remotely.

Who will attend?

  • Potential instructors will have been selected based upon their meeting the requirements as outline by the ISG
  • Current instructors who wish to enhance their capabilities
Entrance Requirements

  • Must have successfully completed the IWC and AWC courses*
  • Must have successfully completed the SDP, ISGM Sommelier, ISGM Sommelier Degree or WSET Diploma*
  • Demonstrate a minimum of five (5) years hospitality experience (preferably front of the house)
  • Demonstrate a minimum of three (3) years teaching experience (not necessarily in a classroom scenario; however it must be in an acceptable training or instructional environment)
  • Demonstrate a Post Secondary Degree (does not have to be hospitality related)
  • Provide a current resume with detailed educational and work experience
  • Provide a cover letter outlining why you would like to take the program (1,000 words or less)
  • Provide an industry reference letter (hospitality reference preferred)
  • Provide an educator reference letter (from outside of the ISG organization is preferred)
  • * Applicants not having attained the SDP, ISGM Sommelier, ISGM Sommelier Degree or WSET Diploma may be considered on a case by case basis. Please outline your case in your cover letter and all applications are reviewed by the Dean of Academics and the Advisory Committee.
Certificate of Completion

All educators that have successfully completed the program will receive a certificate of completion from the ISG and will be added to the roster for possible instruction of the IWC courses.


$500.00 US per person (does not include transportation and accommodations which are the responsibility of the applicant)

Fundamentals of Wine (FWC)

A one day course designed for the hospitality industry lasting 8 clock hours. 

This course offers a basic understanding of the major grapes sold commercially and understanding them and how to sell them within the hospitality industry. The course also focuses on basic service techniques for restaurants and hotels of most levels.

The class takes place over the course of one day and there is no examination component involved but rather a certificate of attendance. This course is designed for hotel and restaurant chains where large groups of employees can get the basic understanding to provide professional service as well as sell products.

Although at the moment the course is available strictly to large groups in South America, the Middle East, Asia and some locations in North America, this course may be demand be offered in any location upon demand.  

If you are inquiring on behalf of a Hotel or Restaurant, please contact us directly. This course is not available to individuals and is not a pre-requisite to our first course of instruction.

Several delivery options available

Classroom, Online or Live Online

Online Learning

Learn at your own pace

Online Learning

Live Online Learning

Classroom training from your home

Live Online Learning

Classroom Training

Learning in a group atmosphere

Classroom Training


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