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Intermediate Wine Certificate (IWC)
Online: $500.00
Live on Line (Classroom Environment): $750.00
Classroom: $850.00
(Tuition includes all examinations)

Whether building on an existing career in hospitality or enhancing your enjoyment of wines; the ISG IWC curriculum will build an extensive foundation to the world of wine, food, service and management.

What you learn?

A broad foundational course designed for those interested in beginning a serious hospitality career or for those wanting to enjoy the subject.

Understanding of the most prevalent grapes used in the wine industry, based on a varietal approach.

You will study the correct and methodical approach to wine evaluation.

Acquire knowledge and experience of correct professional sensory evaluation.

Address Fortified and sparkling wine.

Learn correct wine terminology, understand label information, appellation concepts, service techniques as well as food and wine pairing theories.

Gain an appreciation for all types of wines and feel comfortable and confident when selecting and buying wine.

Structured and clear learning materials designed and build by our board of education. The ISG is the only Sommelier educational body that has its own learning materials, published books and standardized sommelier courses!

Our grading method is standardized and consistent for every student regardless of country or language of delivery and with full transparency.

Course structure and requirements.

8 sessions totaling 24 clock hours in total, (you will need a minimum of 3 to 1-hour ratio of additional home studying to be successful) whether online or in class delivery. All sessions have a structural set-up and consist of: Lecture, Tasting, Review and Quiz to gain reinforcements of materials.

Course topics overview (Syllabus)

For precise examination breakdown, feel free to email us directly at

Several delivery options available

Classroom, Online or Live Online

Online Learning

Learn at your own pace

Online Learning

Live Online Learning

Classroom training from your home

Live Online Learning

Classroom Training

Learning in a group atmosphere

Classroom Training


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