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Sommelier Certification TEP

The International Sommelier Guild is the professional sommelier certification body that accredits through Sommelier courses with direct instruction.

Upon successful completion of the Sommelier Certification TEP, you will become a member of the International Sommelier Guild. We strive to support the professional development of our members including a referral program for career opportunities and sponsorship of exclusive member tastings and events. You will not only graduate with a certificate that designates you as a leader in wine, you will become a part of a community that strives to help each other grow.

Teacher Education Program (TEP) $500 USD

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The Teacher Education Program has been developed due to a fundamental need to establish minimum competencies for ISG instructors.

The dynamic and ever changing world of wine presents a unique set of challenges even for the most experienced professional. The program is aimed at addressing the needs and supplying the tools to future and current instructors so that the quality of delivery of all levels of ISG courses is at the forefront of wine education.

Objectives of the Program
Establish minimum competencies, standards and guidelines for ISG instructors in the following areas:

  • Overall expectations of ISG instructors and ISG administration
  • Site preparations
  • Preparing to teach
  • Gathering information
  • Examination requirements and review
  • Class presentations and workshops
Delivery of the Program
The Teacher Education Program is delivered as a three (3) day seminar offered once per year in August in one select city.

Who will attend?

  • Potential instructors will have been selected based upon their meeting the requirements as outline by the ISG
  • Current instructors who wish to enhance their capabilities
Entrance Requirements
  • Must have successfully completed the IWC and AWC courses*
  • Must have successfully completed the Sommelier Diploma Program*
  • Demonstrate a minimum of five (5) years hospitality experience (preferably front of the house)
  • Demonstrate a minimum of three (3) years teaching experience (not necessarily in a classroom scenario; however it must be in an acceptable training or instructional environment)
  • Demonstrate a Post Secondary Degree (does not have to be hospitality related)
  • Provide a current resume with detailed educational and work experience
  • Provide a cover letter outlining why you would like to take the program (1,000 words or less)
  • Provide an industry reference letter (hospitality reference preferred)
  • Provide an educator reference letter (from outside of the ISG organization is preferred)
  • * Applicants not having attained the IWC / AWC certificates and/or the SDP may be considered on a case by case basis. Please outline your case in your cover letter and all applications are reviewed by the Dean of Academics and the Advisory Committee.
Certificate of Completion

All educators that have successfully completed the program will receive a certificate of completion from the ISG and will be added to the roster for possible instruction of the IWC courses.

$500.00 US per person (does not include transportation and accommodations which are the responsibility of the applicant)