Become an ISG Certified Sommelier

For professionals and enthusiasts

Sommelier Certification FWC

The International Sommelier Guild is the professional Sommelier Certification body that accredits through Sommelier courses with direct instruction.

Upon successful completion of the Sommelier Certification FWC, you will become a member of the International Sommelier Guild. We strive to support the professional development of our members including a referral program for career opportunities and sponsorship of exclusive member tastings and events. You will not only graduate with a certificate that designates you as a leader in wine, you will become a part of a community that strives to help each other grow.

Fundamentals of Wine (FWC)Introduction, 1 day

A one day course designed for the hospitality industry lasting 8 clock hours. 

This course offers a basic understanding of the major grapes sold commercially and understanding them and how to sell them within the hospitality industry. The course also focuses on basic service techniques for restaurants and hotels of most levels.

The class takes place over the course of one day and there is no examination component involved but rather a certificate of attendance. This course is designed for hotel and restaurant chains where large groups of employees can get the basic understanding to provide professional service as well as sell products.

Although at the moment the course is available strictly to large groups in South America, the Middle East, Asia and some locations in North America, this course may be demand be offered in any location upon demand.  

If you are inquiring on behalf of a Hotel or Restaurant, please contact us directly. This course is not available to individuals and is not a pre-requisite to our first course of instruction.