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Brian Hay

Brian is a Culinary Arts instructor at Austin Community College for the past 9 years.  Initially hired as Program Coordinator to develop and start the Hospitality Management program he has since started a Travel and Tourism program, along with the Culinary Arts Program there.   He currently runs the Culinary Arts Program as well as teaches the ISG certificate courses as well.

Brian has also taught Viticulture and oenology classes at the school for the past 4 years.  His undergraduate studies were done at the University of Guelph.  Where he was fortunate to take two wine and food classes with Jacques Marie, a famous classical chef and Sommelier from France based in Toronto.  The last 11 years he has studied wine in a variety of capacities in order to get to where he is at now at the school. 
Brian is currently working on his second Master’s degree and eventually will pursue both a brew master’s degree and take further classes in Vinification. His inspiration comes from both his students and a simple phrase from Anthony Bourdain:

“Good food, good drink, good view (related to atmosphere), and good company.  What else is there in life?”


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