The International Sommelier Guild is the world’s leading licensed provider of Sommelier education. With a classroom based educational approach, a team of outstanding instructors, and a dynamic curriculum, ISG classes are designed to lead wine enthusiasts down the path to Sommelier certification.

Established in 1982, the ISG has grown from its North American roots to become a truly global provider of Sommelier education and certification. Our constantly expanding list of host schools and distributors includes locations throughout the United States, Canada, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Israel and Brazil with the Spring of 2017 commencements in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Ecuador and by the fall of 2017 Hungary, Russia, Thailand and Singapore. Teaching in native languages has also allowed the ISG to uniquely assist local populations in facilitating their learning through their native languages.

wine training Who We Are

The International Sommelier Guild is a collection of individuals who share a common goal:  to provide the world’s finest, most complete Sommelier education.  The ISG’s certified Sommelier instructors bring a wealth of hospitality experience and educational training into our classrooms.  Among our instructors are chefs, restaurant owners, hospitality consultants, wine directors, importers, distributors, and retailers.  What binds our network of instructors together is a love for sharing their experience and knowledge with students and the common goal of helping novice wine lovers achieve their goals in the wine and hospitality communities.

What We Do

The ISG approaches wine studies from a global perspective.  Our curriculum is progressive, broad, and provides students with up-to-date information both on the traditional wine, beer and spirits of Europe and the new world as well as commentary on emerging Asian nations.  In addition, the ISG trains students in service and management techniques applicable to the global hospitality industry.  At the same time, the ISG recognizes that direct contact with locally-based, passionate instructors is the best way for students to build a foundation of knowledge that will help them realize their goals.

One of the ISG’s most important goals is to provide our students with a standardized, globally-relevant curriculum.  All of our certified Sommelier instructors are asked to contribute to the knowledge base which informs our curriculum.  Our instructors attend regular teacher training sessions where their own experiences contribute to the development of ISG course material.  The ISG combines a standardized curriculum with proven adult education techniques to prepare our students for a professional life in the wine and hospitality industries.

How We Do It

The International Sommelier Guild provides classroom based education from a curriculum developed by wine and hospitality industry professionals.  All of our certified Sommelier instructors are provided with standardized textbooks, instructional manuals, presentation material, and examinations to ensure consistent, high quality education in all of the ISG’s school locations.
Students benefit from our direct instructional approach by having regular access to an expert Sommelier, participating in tutored tastings in each class, and having clear and reasonable expectations related to examination material.
In essence, every ISG class expresses the sum total of the knowledge and experience of all of our certified Sommelier instructors.  Our students and graduates become parts of this extraordinary community of wine and hospitality industry professionals.


The International Sommelier Guild is defining and implementing a set of global standards for the Sommelier profession.

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